NC Concealed Carry Handgun Permit Course in Wilmington, North Carolina

Matt Rhodes - NC Concealed Carry Gun Instructor Private Security Counseling Available for Home, Business or Travel  

As Americans, we have the right to own firearms. With that right comes the responsibility to know how to properly carry, load, fire and maintain that firearm in a safe and legal manner.  Your reasons for owning a firearm may include personal protection in the home as well as self defense outside the home. Obtaining a NC Concealed Carry Handgun Permit will allow you to carry your pistol on your person in public, in your automobile when traveling, and will eliminate the need to obtain a Pistol Purchase Permit every time you want to purchase a new handgun. Many instructors just read the material and hope you understand. I put it into everyday scenarios that you could encounter and give you the right ways to react to a life threatening situation. You will retain the knowledge and be able to use it without having to check your notes. Gun safety will be covered all during the training and you will learn not only to be safe but how to practice in the future to maintain these essential skills.  

Wilmington Concealed Carry will prepare you to obtain a NC Concealed Carry Handgun Permit  from any county in North Carolina. Our Concealed Carry Handgun Course will provide you with the basic knowledge, skills and attitude essential for the safe, responsible and ethical use of a handgun. No experience is necessary.

Instructor: Matt Rhodes. (NRA Certified Basic Pistol Instructor. NC Concealed Carry Handgun Instructor).
Contact: Call (910) 538-2465, OR CONTACT BY EMAIL.
Class Fee:  I specialize in weekday classes for those who can't make a weekend. I also do small group and private training. You can have a group already formed or you can do a private training. You must call for pricing. Many people have their CCW permits already but they need proper firearms instruction to be safe and effective in the event of a life threatening situation. I offer training for handgun, rifle or shotgun. Some people may not want a CCW permit at this point or they believe they will never carry in public. However, they still want to know laws and procedures involving justified self defense. I can teach you this to give you a solid grasp of what you legally can do to defend yourself as well as your loved ones. If you have concerns about your home or business as far as security and prevention of home invasion I am available for private security council. Whatever you need from firearm selection to anything safety related please contact me with questions. I am certified Nationally as well as by the State of North Carolina. Your safety is your responsibility. We always have great respect for law enforcement and we thank them for their daily and nightly protection but any officer will tell you that you are the first responder to a dangerous threat. Be a responsible citizen and know how to protect yourself. Matt Rhodes    

Upcoming Class Dates: 
 Classes are held during the weekday unless you set up a private or small group training. You must call for pricing on private or small groups. The regular fee for a weekday group class is 99.00 per student. I will be posting upcoming weekday classes in advance. The next weekday class is Thursday July 14, 2016 from 8am until 6pm. You must pay in advance and you can pay in advance for a weekday class and use it for up to one year from purchase. For information on training call (910)538- 2465 or     
I also offer weekday handgun safety and shooting classes. 90 minutes 45.00 per person. You do not have to own a handgun to take CCW training or handgun training  
For CCW training you will need a lunch, water, 50 rounds of ammunition , a handgun (if you need one let me know) and notebook.


"Informative, imperative, empowering...Matt's class is a necessity for any woman who refuses to be a victim."
- Kathy McDermott

"Matt Rhodes is "the man" for Concealed Carry Instruction! Thoroughly knowledgable on most handguns. Able to teach even "beginning shooters" the basics necessary to assure they can handle a handgun safely. Thoroughly conversant in the "rules" we need to know to take the test, pass the test, and earn the certificate of completion. Coordinates with the Sheriff's Department to assure his students have the forms, completed properly, to simplify the application process. Convenient classes and reasonably priced! I have recommended Matt to many friends."
- Ed Jones, LTC, USA-Ret

"I took the Concealed Carry Class with Matt in the spring of 2010. My mother, aunt and I were trying to gain more legal knowledge and safety skills regarding firearms and Matt was a great instructor. I came in with minimal skills and left with the assurance that I could safely carry a firearm as well as protect myself not only physically but by being aware of the laws. Matt made the class light and easy to understand by using real life situations you may be placed in. During the field shooting Matt was really helpful in making sure I was hitting the target comfortably and correctly. Matt is truly one of the greatest people I know and that is why I continue to keep in contact with him for any questions I may have."
- Casey Lynn Purcell

"Matt did a great job of making what would otherwise be fairly dry subject matter and made it quite interesting. His knowledge of the subject matter was evident in his ability to answer the many questions that we thew at him. I especially appreciated his willingness to help with questions and issues after the class as well. If you are thinking about taking the concealed carry class, you won't regret your decision to take it with Matt Rhodes."

- Rich Biagini

"This is a letter of recommendation for, and on behalf of, the concealed carry courses offered and taught by Mr. Matthew Rhodes. I had been a concealed permit holder prior to an ill timed illness which prevented me from being able to simply renew the permit upon its expiration; this put me in the position of having to retake the class, pass the exam and the live fire exercise, and resubmit the completion paperwork and be re-fingerprinted by the NHC Sheriff's department.
Memory of how completely boring the first class had been resulted in my not looking forward to repeating that experience.
As it turned out, I had no reason for concern. Mr. Rhodes class was more lively, more instructive, more interactive, more informative, and frankly more fun than I had imagined possible. I was so impressed that I have subsequently engaged Mr. Rhodes for private instruction, and am far more confident and a far better marksman because of it. Having spent time with Mr. Rhodes in class, in private instruction, and in conversations at the NHCLEOA, where we are both members, I will testify that he is an upstanding young man of great family dedication and outstanding patriotic and moral character."
- Michael J. Quill

Our Goal is to provide you with best Concealed Carry Handgun Instruction Class in Wilmington, NC.
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